wildcats riseThank you to the overwhelming support for our area teachers! Below, you can find some specific ways to help:

  • If you have a specific item(s) you would like to give to a teacher, please post the information on the Facebook group. Link to the group here. Helpful information might include:
    • description of the items (books, etc)
    • intended grade level
    • how you would be willing to ship or deliver
    • how you would prefer to be contacted (private messages have been a good way to go without sharing your contact info widely: you can ask teachers to PM you who are interested)
    • Note that many teachers do not have anywhere to store a lot of supplies right now. They may request that you hold items until they are more settled in a classroom.
  • If you would like to adopt a class, please email us ccwlbutte@gmail.com. Our hope is that donors who adopt a class are interested in supporting a particular teacher and classroom for the following school year. We imagine that you might head up a small group of friends and you take the lead as the contact person for a teacher. When the teacher needs something specific, you would help coordinate on his or her behalf. We have many teachers who would like to be part of the adopt a class, so please reach out and we will make the connection.
  • Below, you will find Wish Lists and Donors Choose projects that teachers have created. You can simply choose something off of their lists or donate to their Donors Choose projects. We will work to keep the links updated as teachers let us know their needs. (When you add an item to your cart on Amazon from a teacher’s wish list, at check out, the shipping address will be hidden, but the item will ship to the teacher’s preferred location.)

Ways you can support right now (SCROLL DOWN for most recent Wishlists):

  • From Butte County Office of Education (BCOE) Crisis Response:
    • Link to Amazon Wish List from BCOE: Link HERE
    • Another way to help is to send gas gift cards. We have families and staff driving long distances.
      Please, send to:
      Butte County Office of Education SELPA
      Attn: Maggie Daugherty
      1870 Bird St Oroville, CA 95965
  • Mrs. Taylor’s Paradise Elementary Classroom: Donors Choose site Link HERE 
  • You can help support twelve elementary teachers from Paradise Elementary School’s Donors Choose site LINK.

Links added Dec 31:

  • Paradise Charter Middle School’s Amazon wishlist (they will continue to add to the list as they assess their ongoing needs, so check back too). LINK HERE
  • Samantha Brooks, who home schools her three elementary age children, has an Amazon wishlist here to replace their school supplies. LINK HERE

Links added Jan 2:

  • Katy Fritz 3rd grade classroom from Paradise Elementary School has helpful items for her students on an Amazon list. Link HERE

Links added Jan 10:

  • Michaella Gonzales is a TK teacher Paradise Elementary School. NEW DonorsChoose Project: LINK HERE
  • Megan Rackerby is a teacher at Paradise Intermediate School. Sets of books, 4-6 per book, are a high priority for them. Here is their Amazon Wishlist: LINK HERE
  • Christine Miles teaches at Pineridge Elementary. Link to her Amazon Wishlist HERE

Links added Jan 17:

  • Erica Blaschke and Sherry Swenson are teachers at Paradise Intermediate who are trying to make the temporary space at the former OSH store a little better for students. See the documentary featuring their school below. You can find their Amazon Wishlist HERE.   Link to the book list HERE
  • Paradise High School teachers, Brady Velikonia and Petar Milardovich, started a DonorsChoose Project to help with some much needed technology for students: Link HERE

Links added Jan 19:

  • Yvonne Holland teaches 4th graders at Ponderosa Elementary, which is currently being hosted by Durham Elementary. She has a registry, LINK HERE, and a DonorsChoose page, LINK HERE
  • Daniel Owen teaches at Paradise Intermediate alongside Erica and Sherry from the link above. Here is Mr. Owen’s Wishlist: LINK HERE

Links added Jan 22:

  • Marc Kessler is an amazing science teacher at Paradise Intermediate. His wishlist HERE

Links added Jan 25:

  • Ms. Fanning and her PreK-2 team of teachers from Paradise Elementary School are in need of iPads. They have a great DonorsChoose Project: Link HERE
  • Jill Pearson and her team at Cedarwood Elementary could use some basic supplies: LINK HERE
  • We have a lot of new Amazon Wishlists from teachers at Paradise Intermediate! So grateful to all our educators and donors!
    • Here is a Wishlist to support many of the needs for Paradise Intermediate: LINK  You can also see specific needs for teachers in their links below.
    • You can see Erica Blaschke, Sherry Swenson, Daniel Owen, and Marc Kessler’s links above too.
    • Greg Holman (science/math): LINK
    • Chris Hull (STEAM supplies): LINK
    • Stephanie Minderhoud (resource teacher): LINK
    • Dawn Kasperson (science): LINK
    • Valerie Rolph (8th grade English): LINK
    • Valerie Murufas: LINK
    • Millie Teixeira (US History): LINK
    • Kim Presentati (English): Link for classroom supplies; LINK for books 
    • Candy Finn (math): LINK
    • Dan Owen/Tracy Park: LINK
    • Erin Suttles (resource teacher): needs some specific things. If you are local to Chico, you might consider delivering these items ( I would contact PINT first to see if another donor beat you to it 😉 530.815.8805)


We will continue to update the list links as teachers share and as their needs change during this recovery process. Please check back. And thank you.